POA has years of experience in the food and beverage industries. We help manufacturers streamline production while meeting strict regulations for safety and purity. We’re a committed partner for distributors looking to keep costs down through increased efficiency. Our team is trained in the Food & Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and has expertise in Controlled Temperature Environments (CTEs). We design and commission conveyor controls, robotics, and packaging systems so your products meets stringent industry regulations and your own high standards for quality.


Lower costs. POA helps you harness technologies—like automation and robotics—to lower labor costs and gain a competitive edge.

Increase efficiency. POA designs solutions to help you speed up packaging, repackaging, processing and palletizing products for faster order fullfilment.

Meet food safety regulations. We understand the highly regulated nature of your industry. We help your company stay compliant—and protect your bottom line—with trusted calibration and validation services.

Achieve greater flexibility. If you need the flexibility to switch from one product, package or label to another to meet changing consumer tastes and market demands, we can help you develop nimble automated solutions for your manufacturing facility.

Improve safety and quality. We help you implement monitoring technologies for real-time traceability in the production line. We design automation systems to reduce potential contamination and improve quality during processing. We have years of experience managing Controlled Temperature Environments (CTE).

Improve worker safety. Poorly-designed or poorly-calibrated automated systems and robots can pose a safety hazard to workers. POA’s thorough design and calibration process can help you provide a safe environment for your workers

Integrate and manage systems. As your company adds new technologies, we have the expertise to fully integrate new systems with your existing ones. We can continue to manage your systems over their life cycle and provide ongoing calibration and validation services.

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