POA provides valuable services and integrated solutions for aircraft manufacturers, small aircraft builders, and aviation component manufacturers.


Increase productivity. POA helps you onboard new technologies including automated processes, robots and human-robot collaboration increasing production and gaining a competitive edge with higher throughput and increased quality.

Lower costs. The highly repetitive manufacturing processes of aviation and component manufacturing become more efficient and cost-effective through automation solutions. Design and implement automated systems to lower labor costs.

Improve precision, accuracy and quality. Accuracy is essential for safety and performance. Poor manufacturing quality can result in component failure and erode consumer confidence. Design and implement automated systems to improve positional accuracy.

Reduce worker injuries. Aviation and manufacturing workers are prone to repetitive stress injuries and often face ergonomic challenges. Some workers may also risk exposure to hazardous chemicals and contaminants. Design and implement automated and robotic systems to safeguard your workforce and reduce costly injuries.

Increase flexibility. Flexible technologies like robots and additive manufacturing are essential to quickly respond to opportunities and open up options for manufacturing. Design and implement flexible technologies.

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